Consuegra's craft tradition

Consuegra’ s craft tradition stands out for its quality, quantity and variety. The raw materials with which the product is made are usually local, and therefore most of them come from this region, thus giving a proper authentic identity to the goods.

In the city, you can find several establishments and little business that are dedicated to craft production. One of the advantages of acquiring product in Consuegra is the survival of other modes of manufacture, very careful, with a meticulous work and has an added value because of the singularity and tradition put into each of them. The adaptability of the craftsman to the demands of the client is practically complete and is a distinctive sign in this type of economy because unlike mass production, depersonalized, the craftsmen consaburenses make unique works.

In Consuegra, as a result of its history, there is a traditional forge workshop specialized in toledana forge in which grids, doors, gates or domestic furniture as chairs or beds are elaborated. A stone carving workshop, of a great artistic value (because it is not dedicated to industrial production) its activity is orientated to artistic creation of fountains, sculptures or other ornamental objects.

A stained-glass workshop where the crystals are coloured in line with the uses and customs of the Middle Ages, as well as other more modern techniques. Two leather craftsmen, who make hunting tools, jackets or coats out of this material and even custom-made shoes. Finally, a pottery, which, following the footsteps of the history of Consuegra, is still in operation, offering all kinds of crockery and clay products to those interested.

  • Forjasport: a family business founded in 1892, all its members have the official accreditation. It is already the fifth generation dedicated to metalworking. With personalized designs, they use different techniques to deal with this material. They manufacture from key rings to furniture or any other piece that the client requires.
  • Rey Pavón: since 1989 they have become a reference workshop for leather products. Specialized in rural sports with tools and accessories for both hunting and horse riding, they have opened their offer to other items with boots and shoes, bags or belts.
  • Joaquín García Huertos: leather craftsman, his business philosophy is "made-to-measure", satisfying the client's request with custom works, he has a catalogue of bags, wallets, backpacks, gifts, as well as hunting covers.
  • Pablo Costilludo: sculptor of wide trajectory, works with all kinds of stone materials. Family shields, busts, statues, restorations, chimneys, are just some of the examples of what his workshop produces, where a block of stone enters, and a work of extreme singularity and design comes out.
  • Radek Golebiewski Gombalska: wood sculpture also has a space in Consuegra. An expert in pruning and chopping down, and other decorative gardening work, he uses wood to create various types of sculptures, from logos or outdoor furniture to personalized woodwork.
  • Vitrale: artisans of crystal and glass, any work can be carried out by them, employ various techniques such as leaded glass or fusion, as well as more traditional stained glass.