Consuegra Gastronomy



Consuegra Gastronomy

The gastronomic tradition of Consuegra is fed by two complementary sources, the Manchega, whose recipe book can be found in Don Quixote, and the one from the Montes de Toledo. Thus, from the traditional gachas, migas, duelos y quebrantos or different small hunting specialties, which abound in the municipal area, passes to deer or wild boar.

The Manchego recipe book, linked to shepherds and farmers, is characterized by the humbleness and simplicity of its ingredients; dishes that tell us about the countryside, the rigors of the climate, transhumant livestock, the gathering around the fire after the harvest. Many of the main dishes that identify our region are those that have served as food for our ancestors for centuries.

The gachas is perhaps one of our most recognizable dishes, is obtained from frying almortas flour (cereal intended for animal consumption and in times of starvation made the substitute for wheat flour) and mix them with water. To this porridge pieces of pork meat is added (mainly chorizo and bacon) well fried, which together with the garlic and some cayenne gives it an intense and slightly spicy flavour.

The migas are, together with the gachas, the tandem of La Mancha gastronomy. Made with hard bread from days ago, this bread is softened in water and after frying, the little meat pieces and garlic are removed, then the softened bread is fried in the oil previously used, added with salt and red paprika (and if you have a few strands of saffron) Water is added from time to time as the bread does not harden with the frying. It is finished off by adding some grapes and it is time to enjoy.

The duelos and quebrantos are the great unknown of our recipe book, reffered in Don Quixote, consisting of a mixture of chorizo, bacon, and pork fat with abundant scrambled eggs. Perfect dish to stand the long days of tourism.

In addition to the previous dishes, we could not miss the vegetable counterpoint, inside which is our most widespread dish, the pisto manchego. This delicious mixture of peppers, fried tomato, eggplant, and in some variants, courgette, is served in typical clay dishes and is crowned with a fried egg.

Finally, we find the asadillo manchego, which consists of roasted red pepper fried later with tomato and garlic. Cumin is added onto it and is topped with boiled egg and strips of tuna belly. This is a delight that the visitor cannot miss.

A wide range of game meats and derived products (chorizos, pâtés etc.) complete the offer of recipes and typical dishes of Consuegra. It is essential to add the Manchego lamb, which goes through rigorous and strict control processes that ensure a quality difficult to match, processes to which is included a mandatory feeding of natural feed.

As the visitor will have the opportunity, not only will be able to taste our recipes, but also to acquire the products that the land and the people who work with it offers us. In Consuegra, you can find marzipan, different types of sweets and traditional pastries. On top of the cheese, there are three cheese factories that produce handmade cheese.

During the last decade, wine has received a strong impulse, thanks to a more careful oenological project. Several national and international awards give proof of this work. About the oil, it is obtained from the variety known as cornicabra, you can find organic oils with an acidity level that ranges between 0.0 and 1º, just like the wine have received awards for the denomination of origin "Montes de Toledo".

Legumes occupy a very important place, as with the products described above, you can complete a perfect healthy diet. As a final touch to what has been described above, reference should be made to saffron, which, as the traveller will notice, has printed a unique sign for this city.