Guided Tours



Guided Tours

What better way to enjoy the experiences offered by Consuegra than in the company of a local tourist guide? The Tourist Office organizes guided tours.

Thinking about visitors, we offer a service adapted to the needs of travellers who choose Consuegra as their destination.

We have guided tours to visit the monuments every weekend, both in the morning and in the afternoon. In addition, private tours can be organized for groups or individuals with flexibility, adapting as far as possible to the schedules and time available to each group or family. Not only the tour of the castle and the mills are available, it is also possible to add other elements depending on the interest of each visitor, including the archaeological museum, the visit to the historic centre or the accompaniment to workshops and local industries, so that the craftsperson can explain first-hand the elaboration of the products.

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We can therefore organize the visits in several complementary blocks, with a basic visit with an itinerary in the set of Castle and Windmills, taking approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. First, we proceed to make a panoramic view of the whole by bus, with final photo. Afterwards we visit the castle and at the end of the visit, we go on to visit the inside of a windmill.

The second option is to visit the city Centre, Plaza de España, the Museum and the Hermitage of Cristo de la Vera Cruz, which is a whole day tour, generally leaving free time to eat and enjoy the gastronomy, completing the rest of the tour in the afternoon.

Another option is to visit wineries, oil mills or cheese factories, complementing each visits, giving the visitor a more than complete tour of the cultural, gastronomic and leisure experience.

Consult our timetables, rates and conditions both by telephone and e-mail. We will be more than happy to meet your demands.

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