Practical tips



Practical tips

From the Tourism Office of the City Council of Consuegra we thank you for visiting this page and here are some practical tips.

If you are going to make the visit for free inside the Castle and Windmill "Bolero", we advise you to come with time on the schedule we have set in the monuments section, because when performing different activities in the Castle, at some times there may be access restrictions, to keep a better control of the capacity.

You can purchase the tickets for the free visit to Castle and Windmill "Bolero" in the same monuments.

In the Castle they must follow the route marked by the different tourist indications and respect the restricted access areas for their safety.

In the event of Medieval Consuegra that we have during the month of August, the prices are different from those that are arranged for the free or guided visit throughout the year and it is recommended to buy your tickets beforehand since this way you can choose the time you you prefer and will not run the risk that the tickets for the pass you want are sold out.

We advise you to wear comfortable clothes depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves and appropriate footwear.

During the visit to Consuegra Medieval we advise you that it is in the month of August that you bring a bottle of water and also to protect yourself on sunny days.

In August on the occasion of Medieval Consuegra and in October on the occasion of the Festival of the Rose of the Saffron the access road to the Windmills is cut, so we advise you to contact the Tourist Office for any questions of schedules.

Buses need an access permit to climb the Windmills and can be requested by mail from the Tourist Office of Consuegra.

The days after Consuegra Medieval, on the occasion of the conditioning and cleaning of the Castle may be closed, so we advise you to call in advance to inquire on the telephone of the Tourist Office of Consuegra.