Castle of Consuegra



Did you know that one of the most curious intrigues in the Spanish history began in this castle? In the middle of the seventeenth century during the reign of Philip IV, one of the first coups that took place in Spain. Juan José de Austria, bastard son of the king, took over the crown as opposed to his stepmother Mariana, enclosing one of the last favourites (validos) of the Habsburgs (Fernando de Valenzuela) in the fortress.


Castle of Consuegra

With more than eight hundred years old, the Castle of Consuegra is unique. Not only because of the place where it is, but also for its great history and architecture, linked with the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. From here you can see La Mancha and the windmills in its original splendour

Although we can go back in time to the ancient fortress built during the Caliphate’s period (10th century), the actual one is an impressive building made by the Order of Saint John. The king Alfonso VIII gave them the old fortification and the land around it (alfóz) to defend the border.

They were the creators of this castle, which is surprisingly like the Crac des chevaliers situated in Syria (it belonged to them as well), the new forms of construction, like the grand core with four semi-circular towers located in the centre of each side of the square that constitute the castle, gave it an impregnable aspect. Additionally, we have more defensive elements, such as artillery walls, slits, battlements and three different gates. Inside, we have an impressive water system, the dungeons, the chapel, the archive and probably the most important room: the capitular room.


The castle, like all monuments and buildings, underwent transformations, reforms and restorations, adapting it to the socio-political needs of the moment.

It lived its splendour between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries and, although it continued inhabited, lived a regular but inexorable process of abandonment until its final decline with the disentailment of Mendizabal in the nineteenth century.

Finally, after the will and perseverance of the people of Consuegra, the castle was gradually restored in order to return it to its former splendour.

Battles, intrigues, power struggles, and conflicts of all kinds have been the spirit that has given life to its walls for centuries.

We invite you to discover this wonderful example of medieval military construction, so that you can relive History and feel part of it, wield your sword, take the shield and wear the helmet; The horn sounds and the walls must be defended!

Castle Castle