Spain Square



The structures of wooden corridors typical of La Mancha relate to symbolic competition between towns. Since wood is a relatively scarce material in the region, only the most economically powerful communities could afford it, thus becoming elements of political and economic prestige.


Spain Square

The downtown is a square with historical singular buildings. The typical architecture of La Mancha meets with other structures of “castillian-mudejar” style. The meeting point for all the people of Consuegra, it is also the cultural and leisure centre, an essential stop for any visitor to this area

Life Centre of the city, the old roman forum was located there. Today the main celebrations and activities take place in this area. A tour of the surrounding streets will let you discover a wide range of small shops, bakeries, shoe stores, clothing stores or bars and restaurants where we can interact with the locals.

It is in the square where we find the Corridors building, where the Archaeological Museum is located, possibly the most eye-catching construction of the complex. This building was originally used as a granary in the 17th century. Although it later changed its functions, it is likely that the entire square was in the same structure, as we have evidence of bullfighting in the square.

The current city hall was erected in 1670 in an austere “Castilian Mudéjar” style characterized by stone huts and brick rows, with a marked sober appearance. The inscriptions on the lintels and the sundial located in its upper part are the most important elements.

Town Hall Consuegra

Besides it, we find the Diaz-Cordovés y Señora Foundation, which was constructed in the same style as the previous one. It was built in 1924 by Luis Bellido (architect of the Ministry of Public Works of Madrid), it was ceded to the catholic congregation “Hermanos de La Salle” to carry out their teaching work. For many years it has been the city’s high school, it is currently a primary school.

Finally, we highlight the clock tower. This building of the first third of the twentieth century has got a remarkable arch attached to the town hall. All this set makes the Plaza de España an attraction that you cannot miss. In addition to enjoying its monuments, local products of all kinds are available for sale, as well a snack (and the mandatory tapas) to reward the body, after a long day’s experience.

Town Hall Consuegra