Alacena del Azafrán



Alacena del Azafrán

Consuegra, produces top quality saffron, strictly following the tradition of cultivation and the process of harvesting the flower. The process is comprehensive from sowing to final packaging. The family culture that has been passed down from father to son for generations, keeping the essence of this spice intact.

The historical, cultural and social importance of saffron in this region is well known. The saffron from La Mancha is internationally recognized for being one of the best in the world. In Consuegra, all the elements of traditional culture has been maintained, and it continues to be a family matter, which passes from parents to children uninterruptedly.

The pantry is a good example of this, as it offers a carefully selected range of products, all of them in proximity. In addition to saffron, which they grow and package themselves, they also have hunting meat and pâtés, wines and oils from the region, as well as other products derived from saffron (honey, cream cheese, cheese).

In addition to this market of flavours, a small tasting of those same products that they offer, perfect pretext to address an explanation supported by a careful video on the curiosities and secrets kept by this spectacular and beautiful flower.

Topping it all with one of the most typical dishes; migas manchegas (breadcrumbs), which will remind us of those times when farmers and day labourers gathered around the perol (a big pot) for morning rest, retaking with new energy and encouragement the hard work that the land has demanded for centuries.

The visit to the saffron is another activity that can be done by personal bookings. However, it should be noted that saffron season is has an extremely specific, as it is only possible to see the flower for three weeks a year (late October early November).

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