El Alfar de Rosa



El Alfar de Rosa

Following the footsteps of the consaburense pottery tradition, this craftswoman has continued with the legacy and today is the only workshop that remains in operation in the town. Clay and mud are transformed into all kinds of pieces such as glasses and plates, as well as decorative elements; vases, pots or painted plates.

Ceramic products are just one of the things offered by this pottery. It is possible to visit the workshop where these wonderful pieces are made. And if you wish, you can do a masterclass so that we can get to know this millenary tradition, stain our hands with clay and see our finished work. 

There is no better learning than the practice, in this way in small groups, we unravel the secrets of a profession with a deep root in the culture of Consuegra. These activities will delight adults and children who, in addition to having a high instructive value, will serve to appreciate the work and craftsmanship developed by many people aware of the maintenance of the legacy of past generations.

El alfar de Rosa, taller artesano alfarería y cerámica

C/Diego Rodríguez de Vivar esq. con C/Fuentecilla

Teléfono: 661770883