Mazapanes Peces



Mazapanes Peces

Mazapanes Peces is a family business founded in 1915 and located in the town of Consuegra that dedicates its activity to the manufacture of marzipan and sweets. We have a traditional pastry shop open all year round. Our specialty is puff pastry, in its different varieties (bathed or stuffed). In addition, in this establishment marzipan can be acquired throughout the year.

All our products are of high quality and handcrafted, using the best raw materials that result in an improved Supreme Quality Marzipan.

We have around twenty different products referring to Toledo Marzipan. While we introduce new products every year to meet the demands that we identify in the market, among which include products based on cocoa and almond.

Our bakery also makes typical Manchego sweets, such as yema, mantecados, and other pastry products such as our delicious tejas, soletilla biscuits, cabello de ángel, and the referred puff pastries.

Since 1915 we have been dedicating ourselves to the handcrafted manufacture of marzipan and Christmas sweets, as well as high quality sweets made in a traditional way and following ancestral recipes. The production process has not changed substantially, although what has improved over time has been the mechanization of this.

At present our offer is made up of a wide variety of handcrafted products that encompasses tradition and innovation. Developing products in order to bring to market new products continuously, being usual to launch at least one specialty per year.


Abierto todo el año
c/de San Juan Bautista de La Salle

Consuegra, 45700 Toledo

Teléfono: 925480059


Avda. Constitución, 16

Venta directa 15/10 al 30/12

Consuegra, 45700 Toledo

Teléfono: 925481049