The Rucio Mill



The Rucio Mill

Built in 1837, with parts of the machinery dating from the sixteenth century, the Rucio mill opened its doors in December 2013, retaining the typical three-store structure of a windmill from La Mancha.

The moledero is the upper floor and heart of the mill, where the machinery is preserved, and guided tours are carried out. The camareta is the intermediate floor, where the flour is collected. It temporarily exhibits crafts and art from the area. The stable is the ground floor. It has an information desk and a shop selling merchendises and local produce.

The Milling

The daily grindings of Molino Rucio started in October 2015 as an initiative of Produciendo, making Rucio the only windmill in Spain that operates daily.

Accompanied by the miller, visitors can go inside the mill while it is running and discover the secrets of its mechanism in a wonderful guided tour. The activity takes place in passes every 20 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online or at the mill's own box office.


Grinding is carried out regularly except for adverse weather conditions, lack of wind and other factors that prevent grinding optimally, passes are filled in order of arrival and you may have to wait before visiting the mill inside.


Produciendo eventos y ocio cultural, S.L.

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