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Historical recreation

Medieval Consuegra

The historical recreation "Consuegra Medieval " begins in 1997 under the name of "Medieval Battle of Consuegra", commemorating the ninth centenary of a historical event, the battle of August 15, 1097. The battle was between the troops of the Castilian-Leonese army, under the command of Alfonso VI, and the Almoravid troops of General Muhamad - ben - al - Hach.

With the conquest of Toledo by Alfonso VI and the movement of the border to the limits of the Guadiana, Consuegra (and especially its castle) became of vital importance as a key to keep the recently taken ancient Visigothic capital. Its location, therefore turned it into a treasure, so it was only a matter of time before the conflict broke out.

The battle of Consuegra ended with the defeat of Alfonso VI and the death of Diego Rodríguez Díaz de Vivar, the only son of El Cid. However, despite the defeat, the Almoravids could not take the castle, retreating a few days later to reorganize their ranks and plan the next attack.

Medieval festival Medieval festival

Consuegra Medieval 2018. Consuegra Medieval is the medieval historical recreation par excellence. It is based on the Battle that took place on August 15, 1097 in Consuegra and in which Diego Rodriguez died: son of the Cid.Its actors will take you to the 11th century and you will enjoy the experience of living in first person what surrounds the battle of Consuegra.

Taking this historical event as a starting point, a series of acts were programmed so that the spectator could have a complete historical vision of the 11th century, recovering both the society (Muladíes, Mozarabs, Christians, Arabs) of the time and the clothing or language.

To this end, 400 people from Consuegra as well as from the neighbouring towns participate, performing different functions, ranging from theatrical dramatizations, to the organization, information points and guides, and setting up of the visitor reception operation.

The date of this event changes, held around August 15. During this four days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the enactment starts from9.30 a.m. until 11 p.m., various representations are made using buildings such as the castle or the Plaza de España, where a medieval market is established. Stages and the streets are decorated with rites, ceremonies, celebrations and dances pertaining to that period.