Consuegra’s Easter



Consuegra’s Easter

Consuegra’s Easter festival is famous for its simplicity, capturing the mysteries that the Church celebrates with the arrival of the first full moon of spring. Our city's Semana Mayor is from the 17th century, and has been changed through the ages, but always keeping in mind the powerful symbolic content of this festivity.

Although the Napoleonic War and the Civil War wreaked havoc on the Consaburense heritage, a determined spirit of recovery of the old sculptures lead to the reappearance of the parades. It will be in the middle of the 20th century, when the events of Passion will be established again and new images will be acquired, some will be donated by families and others bought by the Governing Board of the Santísimo Cristo de la Vera-Cruz. So the concern arises among the Consaburenses to provide Easter with a heritage that can go out into the streets, describing the scenes of Christ's passion.

Today, in the 21st century, the sobriety, recollection and silence of past celebrations are maintained, and many of the liturgical acts celebrated in Consuegra since ancient times have been rescued from oblivion. Nearly 3,000 people dedicated to beliefs, feelings and traditions take part in the Semana Mayor. Each brotherhood processions with certain images.

Rows of penitents, with their striking hoods parade in silence with the light of candles, standard-bearers and costaleros follow the rhythm of drums and trumpets that wrap the streets in a very special atmosphere.